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Whodunnit murder mystery night game – TEN different plots

A whole evening’s Chilling entertainment in one box!

Can you work out whodunit? Dastardly crimes have been committed and it’s up to you and your guests to work out which of the players is the culprit!

The Complete Whodunit Mystery Night contains everything you need for a night of grisly murder and sensational sleuthing!

10 different murder plots, so you can play again and again.

A newsreel audio CD to set the scene and provide vital clues to solving the crime.

Character scripts for your guests containing all the details you need to uncover the murderer among you.

Costume suggestions for each character.

Stylish invitations to witness the crime of the century.

Easy-to-follow recipes for crime-free cooking.

10 “Guilty/Innocent” cards.

Room plan.

Family tree.

Name stickers.

Suitable for up to 11 Players aged14+

New and sealed in a metal container.


Price: £5.00

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You Be The Judge! – Paul Lamond

The game of real life court dramas,can you solve the cases and correctly predict how they were judged?

Over 200 real life cases provide hours of fun, and quite a few arguments!

This fascinating game is perfect for anyone who has ever fancied being a judge! 

The aim is to complete the scoring track by correctly predicting how each of the cases were judged, and it can be played by 2 individual players or teams. .

The cases stretch back over many years and include ones involving Scottish puppies, London floods, cannibalism and rattlesnakes!

Suitable for two players or teams aged 12 plus brand new and sealed in a printed tin container.

Price: £5.00

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