chicken byardpigs byardgoats in gardenSo you want to grow your own vegetables and keep chickens but you don't have a smallholding? But you do have a windowsill, a back yard or garden, so what's stopping you from getting started?

Chapters include, history; taking the first steps; chickens in you back yard; ducks in your back yard; geese in your garden; talking turkey; keeping quail in the garden; eggs and incubation; showing your poultry; pigs in your back yard; goats in the garden; starting with sheep; beekeeping in gardens and cities; going large; expanding your land; to market, to market; grow your own vegetables; working with wildlife.

Written by Charlotte Jarvis, and superbly illustrated in colour throughout this is a large 160 page hardback book

Size 238mm x 332mm with Laminated board covers.

Published in 2009 by Abbey dale Press 1st edition

Price: £7.00

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