Nothing is as refreshing than an icy treat straight from the freezer. Home-made lollies, granitas and water ices made with fresh fruit are both a healthy and budget-friendly option and here you'll find plenty of fun ideas for the whole family.

Easy recipes for lickable ICE LOLLIES include Cranberry and Orange Lollies; Mango, Berry and Passion fruit Lollies; and Maple Peach Frozen Yogurt Squares.

The Iced Strawberry Hearts; Mini Honey Kiwi Cups; and Mixed Berry and Citrus Cones are delicious.

Thirst-quenching GRANITAS & WATER ICES such as  Pomegranate Granita; Watermelon Granita; and Blood Orange water ice are simple to make.

Sophisticated SORBETS & SHERBETS include a Chilli-lime Sorbet; Blueberry and Lemon Sorbet; or an Apricot and Grape Sherbet. With simple equipment, minimum effort and the recipes in this book you can create colourful, delicious frozen treats at home to enjoy all year round.

New hardback 64 pages. Size 190mm x 190mm.

Price: £5.00

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