“A vintage box of mixed colour skeins”

This is a lovely box full of 1950’s Clark & co Anchor clourful skeins.

The box has a slight break in one corner otherwise its in fine vintage condition

Box size L 16 cm X W 9 cm x D 2 cm

Price: £12.00

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‘Hard Rock Cafe Hong Kong two shot glasses’

This collectible set of two Hard Rock Cafe Hong Kong shot glasses come in original box.

They show the classic Hard Rock Cafe logo and Hong Kong printed in black and are 4″ tall.

The branded original box has old tape residue and shows some signs of age.

The shot glasses are in excellent undamaged condition.

Price: £18.00

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24 Sticking plasters OUCH! AAARGH! WHAM!

ouch 2Holy zomoley! If your super hero needs a sticking plaster then try one of these for size. Each ‘Ouch’ tin contains 24 Assorted adhesive plasters with absorbent pads. With word Strips including: OUCH! OOOW! AAARGH! WHAAM! BAM! POW!

Price: £4.99

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5 non-slip colourful button drinks mats

These unique rubber button design drinks mats, are a stylish and decorative way to protect your surfaces.

Each set includes a blue, red, orange, brown, and green flexible coaster

Made from rubber silicone with a non-slip base

Each coaster measures 9.cm  

Colours may vary slightly in shade from the original photograph

Price: £3.50

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BLUE Matryoshka doll patchwork measuring tape

This lovely tactile fully retractable tape measure is the perfect size to keep in your bag, pocket or needlework box.

This pretty tape measure is 5.5cm round X 1.5cm deep and extends to 150cm (60 inches).



Price: £4.50

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Camembert gift box cheese markers and Knife

Beautifully packaged in a vintage style French Camembert gift box this set of four wipeable porcelain cheese markers and a stainless steel cheese knife with porcelain handle, is a great addition to any after dinner cheese board.

Dishwasher safe.

Please note that this product is age restricted and is not for sale to people under the age of 18. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age or older. knives are sharp and must be used responsibly and appropriately

Price: £6.50

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Carpet Boules

Designed for use on carpeted floors this new set of six patterned metal boules come in a cylindrical tin with rules a jack and distance gauge.


Price: £4.00

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Delia 130 foolproof recipes on 4 disc DVD

From Mrs Beeton’s bookcase we offer this set of easy-to-use interactive cook books. The DVD, combines the best recipes from her popular television series and her best-selling books– Summer, Winter, Christmas and How to Cook.

The 134 easy-to-follow recipes on this DVD all come complete with their own television clip and are divided into four discs. Each disc covers a particular group of recipes: dinner parties, traditional favourites, family meals and party ideas – making this the definitive DVD guide to cooking.

The easily-searchable DVD format enables cooks to select the recipes they are interested in and to follow the step-by-step instructions at their own pace, with accessible hands-on guidance from Delia. The Christmas section, for example, covers the last 36 hours before Christmas, taking the cook through the traumas of preparing the stuffing and handling the giblets. Viewers can search by recipe or ingredient and can choose to view recipes alone or accompanied the relevant television clip.

Extras include printable recipes and a booklet containing an index of all 134 recipes so that users can quickly access the recipe they need. Printable recipes are an additional bonus if you don’t have a DVD player in the kitchen.

Good condition pre-loved  4 disc set.

  • Format: PAL, Colour, Full Screen, Hi-deliah dvd 2Fi Sound
  • Language: English
  • Number of discs: 4
  • Classification: Exempt
  • DVD Release Date: 8 Mar. 2004
  • Run Time: 640 minutes

*Books and films that are offered from Mrs Beetons bookcase are good quality pre loved items.

Price: £5.00

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Dreams Experience by Brenda Mallon

Dream interpretation is a hugely rewarding and enlightening process.

Working to understand your dreams can uncover creative potential, allow increased self-understanding and help you to work through problems and conflicts.

This fascinating book and CD provide you with a practical and direct experience of dreams and their powerful significance.

The Dream Experience is like a personal tutor, explaining how to work with your dreams, using them to make positive life changes. You will even learn to create healing dreams and overcome negative obstacles in your life. Featuring case studies throughout, this holistic, integrated and practical guide is your own personal dream workshop in a book.

Paperback 256 pages.

14.2cm x 16.6cm



Old Price: £4.50

Price: £3.00

You save: £1.50

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Foldable paper placemats aeroplanes

fred laneThese high flying packs of 50 paper food place-mats are foldable and with simple to follow printed instructions on each can be made into paper planes! There are 5 different designs – Speed Eater, Hot Rocket, Lunch Patrol, Snack Master X-19 and Astro Meal.

Each place-mat measures approx  38 cm x 29 cm and is printed with food safe inks.

Give your young (and old) aviators a good reason to clear their plates ready for take off.

Also available – bird, butterfly,frog and snake foldable set


Price: £5.00

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Four vegetable shaped magnetic mini cookbooks

magnetic veg 2This new love food, boxed set of four vegetable shaped mini cookbooks features a tomato,potato mushroom and garlic

The handy little books each contain 10 thick pages of recipes pertaining to their image.

published in 2013.

approx size of each 8cm

Price: £4.00

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Home Made Cake stencil Birkmann

cake stencil2Use this red Kitchen Stencil to decorated the top of your cake or desert with the words Home Made giving an artistic rustic finishing touch.

Simply place the stencil on the top of a cake, then sprinkle powdered sugar or cocoa.  Result, a real eye-catcher for the table.

Made of plastic – food safe with side finger grip –  for cakes, desserts or other dishes

Size 27cm

 Brand new in original sealed packaging

Price: £5.00

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How To Grow Vegetables DVD – Thompson and Morgan

Grow great vegetables with a little help from the experts.

Packed with practical demonstrations and handy hints for both the novice and experienced gardener.

Watching this DVD is an excellent way to obtain the knowledge and gain the confidence to produce a bountyful vegetable harvest.

Presented by Tom Petherick

Region free running time approx 60 minutes certificate E

Price: £3.00

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Ice cream and cakes stunning parasol for garden or beach with FREE ground spike

ONLY ONE LEFT IN STOCK This stunning fabric parasol is adorned with colourful brightly illustrated images of ice creams. ice lollies, cup cakes and doughnuts, which are all overprinted onto a cool refreshing china blue background finished with a white tassel trim.

Perfect for use in the garden on the beach in the park or beside the pool.

The large top is fully adjustable.

Overall height 210 cm X diameter 180 cm

 FREE 40grond spikecm ground spike

Price: £24.99

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leap frog – handmade ceramic mug by Claire Bushnell


A hand made ceramic beaker depicting a leaping frog front and back.
Ideal for storing

toothbrushes (not included).

Dimensions H 9.5cm X 7cm width.

In excellent condition no chips or cracks.

Price: £6.00

Loose-leaf ‘T’ filter packs EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT

It’s said that nothing can beat a nice pot of tea; well we’ve discovered something that can!

Whether you enjoy black, white, green, herbal or a mixture of tea these stylish individual teabag filters can be filled with any loose-leaf tea so every one can enjoy their own tea of choice.

Each individual pouch is made with non-chlorine bleached pulp fibres, and they provide a quick hassle free way to produce a range satisfying brews.

To use, slide the wooden stick through the holes at the sides and then add your chosen tea and hang it from the rim of your mug. Pour boiling water into the middle and leave it to brew to your desired strength.

The exclusive Beeton and Brown loose-leaf ‘T’ filter pack consists of twenty five pouches and wooden sticks that are packaged in an exclusive vintage style grocers brown kraft wrap

Price: £3.50

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Love heart tea lights

These packets of six unscented Tea Lights are fashioned like the classic sherberty Love Heart romantic sweets

They are moulded in pretty pastel colours and there are two each of the messages- Love Me, Kiss Me, and Hug Me all packaged in the authentic sweet wrapping.

Each candle measure approx 4 cm x 2 cm x 4 cm Packaging 12.5cm x 4cm

A useful tip – Keeping candles in the freezer prior to use will help them to burn longer!


Price: £4.00

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Moby Pick reusable appetiser/cocktail sticks

Thar she blows!

We don’t wish to spout on about it but these 32 Moby food safe picks are brilliant fun and just perfect for buffet nibbles or cocktails!

The tactile porcelain pick holder is shaped like giant white whale, and the appetizer/cocktail picks spray out from the blow hole.

We could say that these pics serve a very special porpoise.

Dimensions 8.9 x 4.4 x 4.3 cm

Price: £4.50

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Mr Happy, Magnetic Bottle Opener.

mr happy2Mr Happy being the jolliest of all the Mr Men enjoys having a good time, and he couldn’t be happier than when he’s opening a few bottles for his friends.

Turn Mr Happy around and in his back is a classic crown bottle opener.
Being magnetic also enables you stick him on the fridge –so you’ll always find him in the kitchen at parties!

Size: 6cm x 7cm x 5cm

Price: £4.99

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Mrs Beeton Fish and Seafood new hardback

The complete guide to cooking fish and seafood By Isabella Beeton has been fully updated for the 21st century kitchen.

mrsb seafood1Mrs Beeton knew that a fish recipe was the staple to hearty family cooking. With a focus on seasonality and local produce, she created the best mouth-watering fish and shellfish dishes for todays kitchen.

From fish pie, smoked haddock, soused mackerel and potted shrimp, this book will give you the know-how to prepare and cook fresh and delicious recipes all year round.

All of the recipes are taken from Mrs Beeton’s original Book of Household Management and have been updated for the modern chef.


mrsb seafood lob

Combined with sound advice on how to source good food and detailed information on ingredients and equipment, this book is fully illustrated with all the techniques required.


mrsb seafood2

A go-to book for any aspiring or experienced home cook.

Brand new hardback

Price: £3.50

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Original 1970′s CO-OP glass pint milk bottle – Kelloggs cornflakes

kellog bot1This is an original CO-OP pint glass milk bottle from the 1970?s carrying a two sided advert advert for Kellogg’s cornflakes. Vintage stylish and practical decor.
Ideal for milk, juices or flower vase
in perfect condition supplied with free redred-top plastic top

H 8.5 inches /21cm

Price: £5.00

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Pages reproduced from the original midshipmans log written onboard HMS VICTORY in 1805

nelson log 2nelson log 3This limited edition pair of facsimile pages has been reproduced from a Midshipman’s log written on board HMS Victory on the eve of the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Issue number one is held in the Nelson Norfolk Museum Collection, and the events recorded within the document are confirmed in the definitive ‘Life of Nelson’ by Robert Southey.

In the Trafalgar bicentenary year of 2005, permission was granted for us to produce a limited edition of 1250 copies from the original pair of log pages. These facsimiles were for exclusive use within limited edition commemorative Nelson artworks.

After printing all of the origination and printing plates were destroyed.victory gundeck

Most of the edition were snapped up and sold (in less than an hour) through the QVC shopping channel.  We retained just a few copies.These are now offered exclusively through Beeton and Brown as a  truly unique and collectable  investment.

Supplied Unframed (62cm X 50cm) sealed in cellophane, in an antique white and hand numbered mount. The log transcript is printed in red and black onto a parchment style paper and attached to the back with easy peel sellotape, these will be sent randomly selected from a limited edition of 1250 prints and will be numbered from 251/1250


Price: £40.00

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Pear & Blackberry 12 scented tea lights

When lit these delectably scented candles exude a fruity, autumnal aroma around your home. The beautifully illustrated gift-wrap packaging is tied with string creating a strikingly visual and fragrant gift.

12 fragranced tea lights box size: 12.5 x 8.5 x 4cm

Price: £4.50

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Pop Art – Lichtenstein inspired large Mug

The 60’s Pop Art of Roy Lichtenstein inspired these large 14oz original Paul Cardew designed mugs. 

 Produced by the now defunct and demolished Cardew pottery in Devon these large mugs have now become sought after and collectable.

 They depict a very colourful and stylised female face and inside the mug is and exploding comic star shaped symbol that reads POP ART café.

 This stylish mug is brand new, unboxed and stands 5” tall x 3.5” diameter.


Price: £6.50

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Puerh – celebrity wonder tea – Green sack

Puerh is a large leafed tea from the Yunnan province in China and has become famous as a medicinal wonder tea. It is favoured by Celebrities and is a purported aid to weight loss and healthy living. The earliest record of puerh tea dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618AD-906AD) when it was the drink of nobleman.

The tea derives its name from the market town of Pu-er, where it was originally processed and sold. It is said that the unique taste of puerh tea was developed because it took weeks to transport the tealeaves by horseback to the town to be processed. During this transportation period the tealeaves would begin to ferment in the humidity and release a strong, fragrant aroma, which is how the Pu’er tea was created.

This selective and vibrant mixture of 23 compressed RAW (brew amber in colour) and RIPE (brew reddish purple in colour) aged teacakes comes from the Yunnan province,China. Each 4-gram infuser sized teacake has been mixed with subtle flower flavourings including rose, chrysanthemum, osmanthus, ginseng bud, Sanchi flower, jasmine, peach flowers, lotus, medlar, and chengpi.

Each tea has been individually wrapped for slower fermentation and are packaged in delightfully embroidered coloured cotton sacks.

Also available in orange and purple sacks


Price: £9.50

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Recipes for Ice Lollies: And Other Fruity Frozen Treats

Nothing is as refreshing than an icy treat straight from the freezer. Home-made lollies, granitas and water ices made with fresh fruit are both a healthy and budget-friendly option and here you’ll find plenty of fun ideas for the whole family.

Easy recipes for lickable ICE LOLLIES include Cranberry and Orange Lollies; Mango, Berry and Passion fruit Lollies; and Maple Peach Frozen Yogurt Squares.

The Iced Strawberry Hearts; Mini Honey Kiwi Cups; and Mixed Berry and Citrus Cones are delicious.

Thirst-quenching GRANITAS & WATER ICES such as  Pomegranate Granita; Watermelon Granita; and Blood Orange water ice are simple to make.

Sophisticated SORBETS & SHERBETS include a Chilli-lime Sorbet; Blueberry and Lemon Sorbet; or an Apricot and Grape Sherbet. With simple equipment, minimum effort and the recipes in this book you can create colourful, delicious frozen treats at home to enjoy all year round.

New hardback 64 pages. Size 190mm x 190mm.

Price: £5.00

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Redneck ‘topper’ bottle opener

redman2When it comes to lifting the lid off thirsty situations there’s no meaner hombre than Redneck ‘Topper’ – from bottleneck creek!

With his metal reinforced hands held high above his head this tactile ambidextrous dude is primed and ready to open bottles caps and lids of all kinds.

He can even draw on two at a time, dispensing refreshing drinks double quick.

This is one cool drinking buddy who even after dozens of drinks can still stand on his own two feet.

Red Topper is created from sturdy plastic and measures 18.5 cm x 4.5cm x 2.5cm (7.3 x 1.8 x 1in) and comes in a recycled cardboard box which includes a nifty cutout beer mat.

Price: £4.00

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RITZENHOFF bone china ‘swan’ designer egg cup

The creative and exclusive designer collections produced by the German ceramic maestros Ritzenhoff  has over the years, involved the collaboration of internationally renowned architects, designers, and fashionistas.

It was however a performance of Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan lake at la Scala that provided the inspiration for the Milan based designers at Aquilialberg  to create the  ‘Swan’ dinner service collection.

The unique and stylish items reflect the elegance of the amazing set designs combined with the gracefulness of the white costumes.

This very stylish egg cup will make a beautiful addition to any home and makes an impressive unique stand out gift.

Produced in bone china.

Dimensions: 9 x 8.5cm

Dishwasher Safe


Price: £12.00

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Sesame Street t-shirt – Red MEDIUM

This officially licensed quality new Fruit of the loom MEDIUM bright Red t-shirt features the classic character logo of one of the planets most viewed TV programmes – Sesame Street!

100% Cotton


Price: £9.50

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Sinking ships bottle stoppers

Whether it’s the titanic or the yellow submarine  when seen protruding out of a bottle of your favourite tipple, these quirky sinking ship stoppers are guaranteed to amuse and protect the contents from spillage.

Made from food safe silicon these stoppers are dishwasher safe.

Approximate sizes 6.7cm tall x 2.3cm diameter two in a pack.

Price: £4.00

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Six opulent ostrich feather greetings cards

The glamour of the Art Deco era is flawlessly depicted and captured in these meticulously reproduced die cut greetings cards. The images have been taken from original 1920’s designs and each one of the headdresses is trimmed with real Ostrich feathers. The cards have been individually cut out, wrapped with a quality gold envelope and have been left blank inside for personalisation.

Supplied in a Beeton & Brown plain Kraft envelope.

Individual card size 114 X 162mm


Price: £6.50

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Splat Man – Silicone Rubber Cup Coaster – TANGERINE

Just like any other day – things got off to a hot start, and like any other day I didn’t want to create a bad impression!

Looking round the joint I spotted the perfect solution.
Shaped like a guy who’s dropped from the sky without a parachute – SPLAT MAN was about to take the heat.

Placing my steaming hot cup of coffee on the silicone schmuck I knew I was safe. No messy burns or stains to leave as evidence.
When it comes to the protection racquet splat man is definitely the fall guy!

Overall size 12cmx 12cm

Also available in lime green


Please note shades of colours may vary slightly from photographsplat stan orange

Price: £3.50

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The best of Mrs Beetons Jams pickles & preserves, Everyday cooking & Easy entertaining

Three new Mrs Beeton’s paper backs consisting of recipes and tips for Easy entertaining,Everyday cooking and Jams pickles and preserves.

Each book is new and between them they provide 750 pages of updated practical information and advice aimed at the novice cook as well as the more accomplished.

Published Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 2007. Paperback. Book in. EXCELLENT condition

size 19.5 x 13cm

Price: £6.00

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Travel Shoe Shine Kit

We think that one of the worst commitable dress sins is the wearing of unpolished shoes!

With this stylish and practical shoeshine travel kit there is no longer any excuse for having to be seen in scruffy footwear.

The Dumpling Dynasty Shoe Shine Kit comprises of a neutral shoe polish, black polish; two brushes, two soft cloths and a shoehorn, all of which is presented in a 20 x 13 x 3.5cm vintage style Storage tin.

A useful gift which is ideal for storing at home,work, in the car or your travelbag.


Price: £6.50

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Unique and fun party game

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“One of the most enjoyable party games that I have ever played, great fun for all ages” Ella O




Check out BB facebook to see how its played





order links here



Price: £7.50

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Vintage set of HENSELITE Home Carpet Biased Bowls

William D. Hensell started the Henselite Company in 1918. In a time when all bowls were made of wood.However with forward thinking and an agreement with the Dunlop Rubber Company he developed and produced the world’s first rubber bowls.

Once the contract with Dunlop ended, William and his son Raymond turned their attention to developing bowls made from a new kind of material that would not expand and contract with temperature changes. After much experimentation they decided upon a plastic called Phenolformaldehyde and in 1931 the first solid plastic bowl was produced, changing the face of bowls forever.

These original bowls were called Henselites and were made with separate coloured discs inserted into the bowls to allow bowlers to differentiate their bowls from others and In 2008, Henselite became the first manufacturer to produce 7 million bowls.

This vintage boxed set of Henselite carpet biased bowls consists of eight fully 2.5″ carpet bowls, with identifying coloured discs, jack and rules of play. All you need extra is a smooth carpet on which to play and you will have hours of endless enjoyment at home.


Price: £25.00

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Wagamama Cookbook DVD

Hugo Arnold goes into the Wagamama kitchens and reveals the authentic recipes he’s coaxed from the chefs. Most recipes are super-fast to make and concentrate on freshness and quality

Region 2 DVD – from Beetons Bookcase* played once

*items offered from Mrs Beetons bookcase are pre-loved and are checked for quality.


Price: £2.50

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Worcestershire Sauce Cookbook Lea & Perrins

Having run European-styled Café Bars in London and an award winning Country pub in the heart of Somerset Paul Hartley is a talented chef, food broadcaster and best selling author. Drawing upon his experience Paul has produced some unique and interesting ‘condiment’ recipes, which have been published in a retro series of Cookbooks The Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Cookbook contains 80 pages of history, 50 recipes, and beautifully illustrated archive trivia and anecdotes.

Hardback book – dimensions are 20 x 19.8 x 1.8 cm.

FREE UK postage and packaging




Price: £4.99

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