Vintage set of HENSELITE Home Carpet Biased Bowls

William D. Hensell started the Henselite Company in 1918. In a time when all bowls were made of wood.However with forward thinking and an agreement with the Dunlop Rubber Company he developed and produced the world's first rubber bowls.

Once the contract with Dunlop ended, William and his son Raymond turned their attention to developing bowls made from a new kind of material that would not expand and contract with temperature changes. After much experimentation they decided upon a plastic called Phenolformaldehyde and in 1931 the first solid plastic bowl was produced, changing the face of bowls forever.

These original bowls were called Henselites and were made with separate coloured discs inserted into the bowls to allow bowlers to differentiate their bowls from others and In 2008, Henselite became the first manufacturer to produce 7 million bowls.

This vintage boxed set of Henselite carpet biased bowls consists of eight fully 2.5" carpet bowls, with identifying coloured discs, jack and rules of play. All you need extra is a smooth carpet on which to play and you will have hours of endless enjoyment at home.


Price: £25.00

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