J R Harley Casts Again – a great gift for the fly fisherman/woman

jr hartley casts againc j hartleyWe now stock both books written by fictional author J R Hartley played by actor Norman Lumsden in the famed yellow pages adverts shown in 1983.

They are a perfect gift for the fly fisherman or woman.


When Norman Lumsden (J R Hartley) passed away in 2001 at the age of 95, the ad was broadcast again in his memory, some 20 years after its first appearance.

Then In February 2011 Yell, the yellow pages company, ran an advertising campaign featuring a fictional DJ-  Day V Lately who like J R Hartley was searching for his lost work, only this time it  was for a copy of his  trance remix Pulse and Thunder.

click here to see this iconic and amusing advert.  https://youtu.be/k8YDZKTvWMw

V is for – very nearly sold out!!!! Historical HMS Victory log pages

victory gundecklog bookWe have a few copies of this limited edition pair of facsimile pages reproduced from an on board  Midshipman’s log and written on the HMS Victory on the eve of the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.


Issue number one is held in the Nelson Norfolk Museum Collection

New Look Beeton and Brown

newlook BB (2) NEW look NEW layout,refreshed, crisp and clear.

Our latest Logo revamp along with the introduction of many more product  images, has enabled us to display our intriguing Contemporary & Vintage stock in far greater detail on our website.

Our items have been carefully selected in order to add a touch of flair and style to everyday living, the products we offer not only make thoughtful imaginative gifts, but are also a  pleasure to keep as our own homes would testify.

If you have a passion for the ‘less ordinary’ and a creative eye for ‘stuff ‘that makes you happy, then Beeton & Brown is an illuminating shopping destination.

As intimated our products are all things that we would like to own ourselves and they have been carefully selected for quality, originality,uniqueness and often a touch of humour that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Much of our stock is often of very limited availability, and once it’s sold it’s gone forever!

We back all of this up with five-star service.

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